Thank you for attending MUM Indonesia Online 24th November 2021.

Appreciation to all Committee, Speakers, and Participants. Two Thumbs Up for all efforts, and hope will give a good positive thinking and energy.

Special Thanks to all audiences who take attention during GLC Networks Presentation “Build Your Own ISP with Mikrotik”
about our experience building Internet Service Providers (ISP) in several countries and what needs to be done if you want to create one. The topics will be presented in a top-down approach, starting from higher-level aspects and then progressing to technical details. We assume the audience already have some basic understanding of essential networking skills.

You Rockz Guys !! ??

Presentation GLC Networks also available on YouTube Channel :

MUM 2021 Indonesia Schedule

MUM 2021 Indonesia Presentation

MUM 2021 Indonesia Presentation - 2

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