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All in one IT learning is here!

As our company’s goal is to be all in one technology support center with most cost effective services and training. Become expert with us. Get Training with International Certificate start from 2.500K Rupiah!


In Our Classes, you will get Case Study from that simulate to real in job problem, our course is held by online and offline.


Your trainer are a Ubiquity Certified Training Partner and Mikrotik Certified Training Partner which Provides Mikrotik-based Solution.


After finishing our class, you will get international certification for your specific course. Dont Miss it!

Become Specialist

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

These in-demand skills will keep you competitive and functioning well in your IT career, regardless of what the future holds. As an IT professional, this is a time for you to level up your tech skill sets by obtaining specific knowledge. Get Skilled, Get Certified, Get Hired.

Web Designer
Web Designer
Operating System/ Sysadmin
Web Designer
Web Designer
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Because you need to obtain a specific skill, and if you are already an IT professional, sitting through advanced computer courses and obtaining the latest technical skills generally makes you more valuable to the company you work for – increasing job security, and at times, salary.

Sure, of course you can – if you really have the time to learn them. However we strongly believe that you will get many benefits by attending one of our training courses. You will not only learn from the trainer with high quality training materials, but also get best practices and experiences by many case studies discussed in the class. We think it is a great investment for your future

What we advise people to do is look at the requirements for the job they want at the company they want to work for. Some IT directors at large companies value team members who have specific computer skills, Certifications absolutely required before they even consider your resume. Certification is a byproduct of what we offer, what we really offer to the market is you, a qualified IT professional, somebody capable of doing a job.

Yes there are benefits to certification. Industry recognition, increased job opportunity, access to secure sections on the vendors website for private information, use of a vendors certification logo, and discounts on software are just a few of the benefits. To truly benefit from certification training, however, you should actively learn the material as if you were learning it to do a job and build a career.

By fill up form on the course page or contact us through whatsapp +62818365248

Yes, for groups of students enrolled in the same sessions, the following group discounts apply: min 5 pax

Yes, we offer a Certificate of Attendance. You must attend all the class sessions to receive this certificate.

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Think about the skills and knowledge you need to stay current now and prepare for the future. Then use the following steps to increase your effectiveness as you learn for work..

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Choose the skill that you want to explore and check the schedule availability


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With us behind the wheel steering your company’s technology roadmap, you can relax and stay focused on the primary goals of your business.

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