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we aim to increase your business value by crafting technology solutions that suit your business goals and needs.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are ready to assist you at every step of the digital transformation journey – from conceptualization and consultation to implementation, data analytics, technical support and maintenance.

Our Software Product Solutions Provide comprehensive specific functionalities to help growing enterprises extend visibility, productivity and collaboration across entire system.


Our Process

How We Works

We develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions using proven products to keep you one step ahead of competition.


The product team works closely with product developers to set goals, and identify key marketable components of the product.

Solution Execution

We leverage IT to enable people and processes to work in an optimal manner. With deep technical expertise, we deploy the right IT specialists and applications.

Solution Launch

Eventually, efforts will wind down as the product transitions from the “launch” stage into the “growth ” stage of the product life cycle.


Project We Have Done

Client : Konsulat Jendral Republik Indonesia (KJRI) Sydney, Australia (2011-2015)

Lapordiri is an application that is able to manage registration of indonesian citizen that visits KJRI sydney area, such as NSW and QLD.


  • Manage registration
  • Dashboard / report
  • Data filter
  • Barcode support

Client : Pemda yogyakarta (2011-2012)

Moneg is an application that manages daily activity of employees.


  • Timesheet submission / summary
  • Dashboard / report
  • Role support

Client : Dompetdhuafa (2012-2013)

Ticketing system is application that manages request to IT department. Therefore, users can see which tasks that IT personnel is currently working on.

Benefits :

  • Ticket submision
  • Dashboard / report
  • Ticket summary
  • Agent management

IOTXgroup, malaysia (2018)

IOTX platform is an application that manages request to IOT devices. User can just login to application and manage their IOT devices (such as doorlock, sensors, power outlet, electricity meter, sensors) from this portal. User can monitor their electricity usage from the portal as well.

Benefits :

  • Device integration
  • Device management
  • Device API
  • User interface
  • Dashboard / report

Client : pilot school, malang, east java, indonesia (2020)

Flightlog is a web based application where pilot can input their flight record together with copilot, and system could summarise their flight. 


  • Pilot Input 
  • Flightlog Summary
  • Data filter
  • Dashboard / report

Client: Excesscom, malaysia (2018-2020)
Veve telecom malaysia (2020-now)

GLC billing is a webbased application that provides billing function for ISP. its tightly integrated with mikrotik equipment


  • Billing generation
  • Payment management
  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Integration with mikrotik devices
  • Support prepaid and postpaid

Client : Veve telecom malaysia (2020-now)

GLC selfcare is a portal for customers that is connected to GLC billing. 


  • Display transaction, billing, payment, statement
  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Integration with other marketing platform


Client : Pemda jawa barat (2022)

LHKP is a web-based application that is used to monitor daily activities of employees. Role is available and can be customised.


  • Activity input
  • Activity summary
  • Supervisor approval
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