Steering Traffic in OSPF: Interface Cost

Cost is the metric, OSPF uses to judge a path’s feasibility. Normally to adjust cost on a route you would adjust the cost value on an interface itself. This, however, affects all routes learned via this interface. Unlike the metric in RIP which is determined by hop count and EIGRP’s long mathematical formulated metric, OSPF is a little simpler.
OSPF automatic cost calculation is an inverse function of bandwidth of an interface. As higher the bandwidth values of an interface, the lower the cost value.

How to steer traffic in OSPF network by adjusting interface cost ? please note: we can only steer outbound traffic, we discussed on this webinar series

Webinar topic: Steering Traffic in OSPF: Interface Cost
Presenter: Achmad Mardiansyah (CEO GLC Networks)

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Steering Traffic in OSPF Interface Cost