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Our products and services:

  • Training services
    • Networking
      • Mikrotik Certification: MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCUME, MTCIPv6, MTCINE
      • Mikrotik Workshop: Mikrotik Essentials, Mikrotik Routing for medium-large network, Mikrotik WISP Infrastructure, Mikrotik for enterprise wireless, Mikrotik Bandwidth Management, Implementing IPv6, Mikrotik hotspot with radius, Mikrotik for service provider
      • Ubiquity Certification: UBWA, UEWA, UBRSS
      • Cisco workshop: CCNA RS
    • Operating System
    • Database:
    • ¬†Programming
    • Telecommunication
      • VoIP Essentials
      • GSM Fundamentals
      • Building IP-based PBX
    • ¬†Others
      • Statistics essentials with minitab
      • Internet Of Things (IOT) with raspberry pi
      • WordPress essential
  • Installation and managed services:
    • Network design and installation
    • ISP design and implementation
    • Other managed services
  • ¬†Products:
    • GLC radius manager