Machine Learning with Python

Python is a popular and powerful interpreted language. Unlike R, Python is a complete language and platform that you can use for both research and development and developing production systems. There are also a lot of modules and libraries to choose from, providing multiple ways to do each task. It can feel overwhelming. The best way to really come to terms with a new platform or tool is to work through a machine learning project end-to-end and cover the key steps. Namely, from loading data, summarizing data, evaluating algorithms and making some predictions.

How to use Python for Machine Learning? we discussed on this webinar series

Webinar topic: Machine Learning with Python
Presenter: Achmad Mardiansyah (CEO GLC Networks)

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Photo session

Photo session with participants from France, India, and Indonesia. Thank you for attending our webinar! It’s been a great time to share our knowledge, hope it will be useful and meet your expectation.

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Machine Learning with Python