Voip Basic – Intermediate (with asterisk)

Description This training will provide you with the skills to configure an asterisk-based application to provide local PBX communication that is based on physical wire or IP address. This course also cover interconnection between asterisk PBX, and discussing how to provide basic security for asterisk
Content – Introduction to VoIP and asterisk
– telecommunication system (CO, FXO, FXS)
– call flow
– voip protocol: AIX, SIP, H.323
– SIP components: client and server
– network requirements for voip
– asterisk installation
– PBX extension
– asterisk trunking
– asterisk dialplan
– asterisk routing: inbound and outbound
– SIP server monitoring
– Enrichment materials
– Best practices of asterisk implementation
Prerequisite – Knowledge of computer networking – we assumed students are already understand IPv4 addressing, subnetting, OSI Model and basic networking skills.
– Laptop with WiFi
Recommended for This course is aimed at network administrators, integrators, Network Managers, IT consultants and other technical users who already use or would like to start using Asterisk-based box.
Duration 3 days
duration: 08:00-17:00
lunch: 12:00
break: 10:30, 15:30
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Language english (if all students are from indonesia, then we use indonesian)
Registration see schedule, contact us
Facilities – lunch
– snack
– certificate of attendance
– printed training manual
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Some questions

  • Do i have to attend this training? Can i just learn by myself with google help? Sure, of course you can – if you really have the time to learn them. the software has lots of parameters and complexities which involves a steep learning curve and take longer time. Additionally, many tutorial in the internet are confusing and unclear which could jeopardise your network. So, yes, you could just try to figure it all out for yourself, however we strongly believe that you will get many benefits by attending one of our training courses. You will not only learn from the trainer with high quality training materials, but also get best practices and experiences by many case studies discussed in the class. We think it is a great investment for your future
    Apakah saya harus menghadiri training ini? bisakah saya belajar sendiri dengan bantuan google? Tentu, anda bisa melakukannya, dengan catatan anda benar-benar mempunyai waktu untuk itu. software ini mempunyai banyak sekali parameter dan tingkat kompleksitas juga tinggi, ini membuat kurva belajar yang tinggi dan memerlukan waktu belajar yang panjang. ditambah lagi bahwa banyak tutorial di internet yang membingungkan bagi beberapa orang sehingga dapat membahayakan system anda. Jadi, ya anda dapat mengukur diri sendiri untuk belajar semuanya sendiri, meskipun demikian, kami sangat percaya bahwa anda akan dapat banyak benefit jika menghadiri training kami. Anda tidak hanya belajar dari instruktur yang berpengalaman dengan traning material yang berkualitas tinggi, tapi juga mendapat best practices dan berbagi pengalaman dengan beberapa case study yang dibahas di kelas. Sehingga kami pikir ini adalah investasi yang sangat baik untuk masa depan anda.