October 2015, CentOS Linux Server Administration, Jakarta

This is a documentation of CentOS Linux Server Administration training at Brainmatics, Jakarta. The attendees were from government which already use linux before joining the course. Students and instructor were discussing experiences and best practives of Linux daily operations, and also talking about virtualisation that are widely used in industries.
Dokumentasi Training CentOS Linux Server Administration, yang bertempat di Brainmatics, Jakarta. peserta pelatihan adalah dari kementrian perhubungan dimana memang sudah pernah menggunakan linux dalam kegiatan sehari-hari. Dalam CentOS Linux training ini, instruktur dan peserta berdiskusi tentang pengalaman dan best practice manajemen server CentOS linux, serta membahas topik virtualisasi yang banyak dipakai di industri.

Some pictures:

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