December 2020, Webinar “VLAN & VXLAN ”

VXLAN is a network virtualization scheme that enables users to create a logical network for virtual machines (VMs) across different networks. VXLAN technology enables the network to support far more VLANs. As a result, more logical network isolation for large networks can house many more virtual machines.

VXLAN is developed to provide the same Ethernet Layer 2 network services as VLAN does today, but with greater extensibility and flexibility. When it comes to segment your networks, VXLAN functions just like VLAN and possesses advantages VLAN don’t have.

Thank you and much appreciated for your effort guys!! Participants are from Australia, Bulgaria, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, India, West Africa, Central Africa, and the absolutely most major Participants was from Indonesia !! 

See you at the next event !!


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