BGP Security Tuning: Pull-up Route

Pull-up routes are a technique used in BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to prevent routing loops. When a BGP router receives a route from one of its neighbors, it will “pull up” the route and compare it to the routes already in its routing table. If the new route is better than the existing routes, the router will install it in the routing table and advertise it to its other neighbors. If the new route is not better, the router will ignore it.

Pull-up routes can be used as a security measure to prevent routing loops and protect against malicious or misconfigured routes. For example, if a router receives a route with an AS path that includes its own AS, it will know that the route has already passed through its AS and will not advertise it to its neighbors. This can help to prevent routing loops and ensure that traffic is directed along the correct path.

How BGP security tuning works on pull-up route? we discussed on this webinar series

Webinar topic: BGP Security Tuning: Pull-up Route
Presenter: Achmad Mardiansyah (CEO GLC Networks)

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BGP Security Tuning Pull-up Route